I’m Eddy Raharolahy, but feel free to call me Eddy, I’m the only Hungarian-speaking local tour guide in Madagascar.

I speak Hungarian because I studied at Közgáz in Budapest – it was in the previous millennium, from 1982 to 1988. During this time I managed to establish a good relationship not only with Hungarians, but also with friends of other nationalities – so I was able to learn a lot about Hungarian everyday life at that time. I myself was surprised at how quickly I adapted to European, especially Hungarian customs at that time, somehow I never felt so much that I was “foreign” here, but almost as if I were at home. 

In addition, some Hungarian dishes are similar to Malagasy food, the only difference is that we eat everything with rice. For example, one of my Hungarian favorites, goulash soup in Madagascar, would not be served as a soup, but as a main dish and beef stew is exactly like our zebu stew – of course always with rice…

This is how Hungary became my second country! 

Before I traveled to Budapest, I played football for the National League team in Madagascar – so I made a lot of friends through sports and also played for the African national team of students studying in the Hungarian capital!

After graduating I returned home to Madagascar but I always had the plan that I would establish relations between the two countries that are possible even with such a large geographical distance.

In 1998, I successfully organized the trip of the Hungarian delegation of the Benyovszky Society traveling here, arranging all the administrations (foreign affairs, culture, ministry). I was also the interpreter at the meeting when the 13-member delegation was received by our Prime Minister,

Although I have only been dealing with tourism professionally since 2007, I have actually been helping Hungarians traveling here free of charge since 1991. I liked it so much that after that I went to courses, read a lot about the country that e.g. what the flora and fauna are like – I already have a certificate for that. 

I worked in a travel agency for a year and then set up my own company, Antsahdy Tours to take advantage of the fact that I speak Hungarian well, which after all these years seems very attractive to tourists. 

Don’t even ask me, after all this time, why I still speak your languages, maybe I have a “little” Hungarian blood in me  ☺

I look forward to meeting you!