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What do you know about Julian’s real kingdom?

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#1. How many claws has the ring-tailed lemur got ?

  We can find 1claw on each of his back feet , the rest are nails.


#2. What kind of food does the ring-tailed lemur like?

Ring-tailed lemurs’ most favourite food is fruits.

The fig is their favourite food, however their diet changes according to the habitat and the season.

They eat flowers, leaves, bark of the tree,big insects and tiny spines or small chameleons and drink the juice of the tree, too.


#3. True or false? Ring-tailed lemurs can purr like kittens.


At the time of forming an emotional bond they purr when the bond took shape already.

But it was observed at the males purr only, when they get into hostile environment or when they fight with each other


#4. The Zwack family has a medicinal and herbal experience of more than 200 years. Ring tailed monkey is one of their trademarks of a brand. On what dried fruit is the drink called Kalumba matured?

Zwack’s latest drink speciality is Kalumba Madagascar Spiced Gin matured on dried figs.

The drink combining complex spiciness, citrus freshness, herbs and spices is made in oak barrels and then matured on dried figs for months.

The drink with a special flavor made with juniper distillate, got its name from the first recorded herb in the world, kalum root.

The complex spiciness and original taste of the specialty of the new drink is given by 17 kinds of natural herbs from Madagascar and other parts of Africa.

The drink bottle is also closely linked to the area: the unique bottle is decorated with an iconic African animal, a ring-tailed lemur native to Madagascar.


#5. True or false ? The ring-tailed lemurs have 2 tongues.

I was watching the lemurs for hours and finally I succeeded to take a picture where this double tongue can be seen.

Lemurs have a main tongue and under it there is a secondary one hidden, consisting of a smaller, rigid cartilage.

They use their main tongue for eating.

Their secondary tongue is used for caring, they clean the another friends in the group with it.

The lemurs examine each other thoroughly, they remove the dead skin and the little insects with their secondary tongue carefully.


#6. What is the ring-tailed lemur doing here on the picture?

The ring-tailed monkeys’ favorite pastime is sunbathing in yoga sitting position.

This is often a collective activity especially in the cold mornings, because they all want to get warm.

At night they are sitting very close together to keep warm


#7. How many babies can ring-tailed monkeys have?

The ring-tailed lemurs have only one baby at a time, sometimes twins.

Mothers carry their babies  on their forehead in the first weeks, later, when the tiny ones are a little bit stronger.on their back.   


#8. In which region of Madagascar do the ring-tailed lemurs live in the nature?

    Ring-tail lemur geographic range in Madagascar.

Ring-tailed lemurs are found in the wild only on the geographically isolated African island of Madagascar, along with other lemur species and animals found nowhere else on earth.

They are far more ecologically flexible than other lemur species and can tolerate a variety of extreme environments and drastic temperature ranges.

 Their diverse range of habitat includes deciduous forests to arid bush forests, rocky outcrop vegetation, spiny forests, and rock canyons.

However, the preferred habitats of these cat-like primates are the gallery forests and Euphorbia bush of southern Madagascar.

What does it mean ?

Euphorbia bush: 
Tree-like flowering plants with a milky, white, caustic sap. Similar in appearance to cactus plants

Gallery forest: 
A forest that serves as a corridor along rivers or wetlands and projects into landscapes that are otherwise sparsely treed, such as savannas, grasslands, or deserts.



#9. How many black and white stripes does the ring-tailed lemur have on his tail?

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