I’m not a photographer, that’s not my job.¬†I am a freight forwarder, handling international freight in Europe.¬†When my little girl was born and I was home too much like other moms, I also needed some hobby that would move me away from home.¬†This became photography.¬†Not the cheapest hobby, but a pastime that can bring happiness not only to myself but to others as well.

I visited Madagascar in October 2019 Рand I immediately fell in love with this country. Not only the landscape captured me, but also the way people help each other. I met Eddy that way too Рand after a few days I knew: without him I could hardly have prospered and got to know the country. I decided: I would be grateful for that. That’s why this blog was created to, on the one hand, introduce the country and prevent others from having to hide various English pages for weeks on the other hand Рand on the other hand Eddy promised to send out practical info on a regular basis so that if someone is planning an individual trip Рand finally last but not least, I wanted to publish somewhere the many pictures I have already shown to my friends.

I like to photograph people and animals the most.¬†You can¬†find¬†my favorite pictures of Madagascar wildlife¬†here¬†, but through a friendship I was also able to gain a glimpse into everyday life in Malagasy.¬†Besides photography, I have another hobby, it is a traditional yakuts sport, both pulling.¬†Today, I am also a member of the board of the IMWF, the International Mas-Wrestling Association, where I focus on photography, organizing and promoting competitions – but I have ‚Äúadopted‚ÄĚ the Malagasy national team, whom I can help where I can.

During my trip to Madagascar, I spent a few days with them, and a few moments in the series of photos here tell me about it.