Many people ask when to travel to Madagascar?

It’s easier to start with when not.

January and February are the times of tropical cyclones, when terribly heavy rains follow one another. It cannot be forecast exactly when they arrive, nor how long they last. In such cases there are inaccessible settlements. Of course, if someone wants such an adventure we’re here but most of the time we suggest choosing a different time instead.

The other months are typically fine.

There are two seasons here in Madagascar – one is rainy and the other is dry. Rainy lasts from late November to March and the dry from March to November.

The so-called “malagasy winter” begins in April, which actually means that the temperature is 8-25 degrees on the plateau and 25-32 degrees on the beach. The “malagasy summer” is a bit warmer, from August we have temperatures of 25-30 degrees on the plateau and 28-38 degrees on the beach.

All this means that here in Madagascar, you can organize classic tours almost all year round, and it is up to you where you want to go. 

So whoever is planning, the best thing to do is to time between the beginning of March and the end of November. But the best period is from July to November because then there is always a dry and warm period waiting for visitors.

Madagascar is a huge country, so the climate varies greatly depending on your geographical location. Eddy will be there to help you with this as well.