“It was an unforgettable journey for us, completed by nature, the kindness of the people, the kindness of the locals, and the expertise of Eddy. Eddy knows everything about his country and it felt really good to have people on the other side of the world who speak our language! ”

Madagascar with Eddy, an unmissable experience, be sure to put it on your boot lists! Thank you so much Eddy! We will definitely go back!  ???

Katalin Potoczki & Geri October 2019

I was able to spend an unforgettable 10 days in Madagascar, in the realm of lemurs and baobab trees. Madagascar’s wildlife is so unique that 80% of the species found are only found there. Madagascar stretches along the fourth largest island and west coast of the world, the third largest coral reef in the world, which I have touched a bit, I will also present a taste of this. An Hungarian-speaking tour guide was very helpful in discovering the country, and I recommend it to everyone. I am happy to answer questions! ?

 Ibolya Meggyesi – November 19-28, 2019

“… ..We went through the most beautiful parts of the island with Eddy, he put together an excellent selection of programs that were very varied. We think we did everything that took 3 weeks and we can’t imagine a better partner than that. It was the most meaningful vacation of our lives !! Thank You!!

Csaba & Petra 2014

We visited Madagascar in October 2012. We get to know a surprisingly gentle and friendly world where the hedgehog has no spikes but fluff, and we can calmly wrap the meter-long snake if you let it go. The souvenirs are handcrafted from natural materials and are great to eat. We were able to experience moods like Transylvania or Southeast Asia decades ago, and what has long since disappeared. This is still a living reality in Madagascar now, but who knows how long

Most amazing of all, we could not only take Mally language lessons from Eddy on the go, but we could also chew through sensitive topics like the world of taboos, the mysterious cult of the dead, or politics. With his help, we were able to reach a depth of cognition in this short time that locked Madagascar in our hearts forever.

We got professional guidance: the jeep allowed us to stay there and spend enough time to enjoy the wonders, be it rock, waterfall, lemur, chameleon, orchid, pachypodium, baoba berry, market, mango, coconut milk, aluminum casting, silk weaving, paper dipping, zebu fair, diving, sailing, mountaineering… It all fit into the two weeks!

Thank You!

Csaba Hatvany and Péter Molnár

Then now I’m trying to summarize the many experiences that are still swirling in my head! First about people:

We are “Europeans” – Hungarians in particular! – we admire that you are more open and happier with minimal financial possessions. In two weeks, I used my smiling-laughing muscles more than I had ever done at home.

A word like a hundred: after such an experience, I solemnly promise that I will remain a patient-satisfied-cheerful-optimistic person after that! It usually works for about 2-3 weeks. By attaching, I select 1-2 of my 1,500 images and with a faint attempt I try to support what I have said …….

.…… .If someone really wants an untouched landscape, go to Madagascar urgently within 1-2 years! For example, it is true that the roads are not mirror-smooth, but thanks to this, they have not been surprised by the influx of tourists – insisting on their usual comfort… ..

…… He who loves to eat will not be disappointed, in fact! Wherever we ate, at a street vendor or restaurant, we were very delicious, fresh everywhere, and we could eat ourselves very, very cheap compared to our prices. I ate two crawfish, prepared in such a way that it would stand in the most elegant restaurants anywhere in the world, I paid 4100 HUF. Experts, I’m not lying – of course it won’t stay that way for 10-20 years either.

Eddy has accompanied us all the way, you won’t be disappointed with him. The local tour guides are also very good people

László Kovács and Lenke Kovács – from March 31 to April 12, 2013

Hi Eddy! Luckily we got home. Thank you for spending 3 weeks together. We had a great time, this is mainly due to the best tour guide who was none other than you.  You have come to know the people of Madagascar, its wildlife and its geographical diversity. I will recommend the trips you organize to everyone. Hello

Mihály Szőcs – Teréz 2016.